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Replacement Number plates specialise in replacement number plates. We are registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, DVLA, to supply replacement registration plates in the United Kingdom. Any company or website that supplies numberplates and is not on the DVLA register of number plate suppliers is acting illegally we would strongly advise against buying vehicle number plates from such outlets. Plates by post offer a fast efficient service to of the UK and pride our selves on the high quality of the number plates supplied.

Replacement Car Number Plates

The replacement registration plates that we supply conform to the current legal specifications. Registration number plates that display a vehicle registration number have to be manufactured to legal number plates specification. The term 'show plates' is often referred to by outlets that supply plates to be used for show room or off road use only. only supply legal replacement number plates.

Daily Replacement Number Plate Deliveries Throughout the UK

We can supply number plates UK wide with daily deliveries to all areas. New number plates are really easy to fit and you have ever made but replacement car number plates can revitalise your vehicles appearance.

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